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Shadong Medical University

The Shandong University is one of the busiest colleges of the present day in Chinese advanced education. The medicinal school at the Shandong University, set up in 1864, meant and initiated the start of present-day Chinese advanced education. Its fundamental body, Shandong Imperial College (Shandong Da Xue Tang) built up in 1901, was the second national college in China, simply after the Imperial University of Peking. Besides, it was the principal college to be built up and kept running as per a sanctioned constitution.

Who we are ?

The Shandong University has experienced a few phases of critical development and change: beginning as the Shandong Imperial College, it was then reawakened as the National Qingdao University, the National Shandong University, Shandong University, and its aim is to shape the future of the coming generation, which is the after effect of the merger of Shandong University, Shandong Medical University and Shandong Industrial University. For over 100 years, Shandong University has been following the mission of “Hold abilities for the world, and look for success for the country” and the saying of “Respectable in the soul, interminable in learning.” For this point, it has developed more than 400,000 capable youngsters of different claims to fame and has been making critical commitments for the nation and the local financial and social advancement.

As one of the first colleges discovering its name on the rundown of Project 211 and 985, Shandong University has been creating significantly lately, and every one of its endeavours has achieved exceptional levels. The instructive quality and aggressiveness of the college have been surprisingly moved forward. This change in the quality and capacity of instructing has incredibly expanded the two its global impact and its capacity to serve the nation and the nearby districts. The college has achieved its change from an instructing and research-situated college to an examination arranged one.

Shandong University Medical Program is there to help International Students from all over areas. Expert professionals aim to provide sufficient knowledge to students so that they can become a qualified physician or surgeon after 6-year training programs. The hostel accommodation or fee structure of the Shandong University is quite affordable. An individual can get knowledge of MBBS programs in English.

Where can you find us ?

Shandong Medical University is counted among the oldest medical universities of China; it is situated in Jinan, Shandong. The fee structure of the university is nominal that you can afford easily.

The atmosphere of the campus is so amazing that students can enjoy. You will find the facility for canteen, restaurants and other sources at inside university premises. The management of the Shandong University believes that youth is a future of the coming generation; so try our best to provide full facilities to students so that they can excel in their career.


The Shandong University provide well-equipped infrastructure, advanced laboratories, high technology tools in research centres. The management of the Shandong University team is still trying to add some more features for the betterment of students and faculty.
The Shandong University is still trying to implement the innovative ideas for enlightening your future of the students so that they can get facilities.

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Our Campus:

The Shandong University provides a very good platform for the students. Management of the university is cooperative.


The university has excellent hostel facilities for all the students including girls and boys. It can comfortably accommodate many no. of students at a time. The hostels are well-maintained. It has refrigeration facilities, A.C, and non-A.C rooms; students are free to choose the room of their own choice. The hostel of the university is also Wi-Fi, students can efficiently work on laptops for the presentations or online learning, etc.


The Shandong University provides a vast central library for the students. The library of the university is well-organized, books are properly arranged, and newspaper section is also present in the library. Students can study in the library comfortably, as guards are there to check the silence in the library. Nobody is allowed to speak inside the library.

The Shandong University provides latest journals and books inside the library that helps to enhance the knowledge or students and teachers.

The management of Yangzhou University provides Dispensary to provide round the clock medical facilities to the students; the dispensary is established within the campus that attends to basic medical requirements as well as unforeseen emergencies. The dispensary is available 24X7, free medicines for students and staff.

Gym & Sport

The Shandong University avails the Gym facility in the campus; it helps to groom your body and make you physically fit. It is the best method to get relaxed your body and mind. It is soothing our body as well as our mind.

The Shandong University also supports sports. Students can actively take part in the sports events held in the university. The Shandong University provides a well-maintained playing ground for sports activities. Sports coaches are also available at the University, and all the sports equipment are also present in the library. The Shandong University provides ample opportunities to the students those who want to pursue their career in sports also.

Self- Service Bank

The Shandong University has a bank in the campus to facilitate students; they need not go outside the campus for bank purposes, the university tries their best that the studies of the students must not be affected and every facility must be provided in the university premises.

Functional & Science Hall

The Shandong University have well-furnished Functional and Science Hall. The Functional hall is used for all the functions or cultural events the Shandong University organized. It can accommodate a huge number of people in the hall. The Shandong University has science hall where the university organizes science-related events, presentation, seminars or conferences. It is also huge, easily accommodate many people in the hall. The Shandong University always take care about the needs and provide the best platform for all the students where they can live comfortably. The main aim of Shandong University management is to provide an excellent platform for all the students and teachers to work together. The Shandong University organized many workshops, seminars, conferences and skill development programmes for the students and teachers so that they can get as much as knowledge so that they can and develop their skills.


The Shandong University provides an excellent faculty for development of the future of the student. As we know teachers play an important role in shaping the future of students. They played a significant role in designing a nation’s future by guiding their students to becoming ideal citizens. So, the faculty is one the most important part of the university, colleges or schools.

The Shandong University has an experienced staff, well-qualified and everyone is expert in their field. The faculty of the Shandong University is very friendly and helpful means students feel comfortable to share and discuss their problems or ideas with their teachers.

The Shandong University gives specified training to faculty members to explore their knowledge in their area of specialization; so that they can also update their knowledge and skills. The Shandong University organized workshops and various cultural events also. So ample skill development programmes are also going in the Shandong University.

The Shandong University, faculty’s job is full of challenges and responsibility because everyone is different and thus the faculty members adopt different teaching patterns to teach the students in the class so that everyone can learn quickly and passionately. Our faculty teaches according to the latest trends of the teaching.

The Shandong University faculty shows passion while teaching which develops an excellent atmosphere that helps students in obtaining knowledge quickly. The Shandong University provides a unique platform for all the students and teachers. The environment at the college is fantastic. If students encounter any problem in understanding lectures or any other issue related to study, they are free to share their problems with the management. Management of the Shandong University is constructive; understand the importance of education in a student’s life.

Help Desk

We at the Shandong University understand that education for International students pose challenges. If any student faces any problem, it could be anything related to your problems or some documentation which is essential during the immigration process. And the problem-related to language, since most of the students here can be found communicating in the Chinese language, please feel free to contact us. We try our best to help you out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To serve for the international students, we have helpdesk which is open 24*7 hours feel free to contact us. Our counselors are always present; you can contact on our number anytime.

The counselors at the helpdesk handle problems related to:

  • Loan Financing and Formalities
  • College Admission inquiries
  • Lodging facilities
  • Documentation Issues
  • Personal Counselling
  • Culture Problems

The Shandong University conducted a special counseling session so that your ultimate goal is not affected at all. We care for our clients, and we understand the importance of education, so for any doubts or query feel free to ask us, we are here to serve for you.